Asea Water Screen Shot

Click here for the original article: Asea Water: My Asea Experience Hello Folks, Today your going to learn a little bit about Asea Water. What Is ASEA Water? To be completely honest, I have no clue how to explain Asea Water. Thankfully, the company created several videos so I don't have to. Down below should be a short video that explains what Asea Water is. Did you notice something strange about Asea Water? The only ingredients inside of Asea Water are Distilled Water, and Sodium Chloride! That's it. Salt Water? Are you serious? You probably have the same question I had when I first saw it. Is Asea Water just a big fat fraud? Let me talk about this for a second. ANYTHING on the Internet and even in real life that has any decent exposure is going to have their lovers, and their haters. You can look at just about anything, and you'll see people swearing by their life things works, while others will say the same thing is a complete hoax. Unfortunately this isn't just with Asea, its with a lot of things. As far as Asea goes, yes, you have people who claim to be scientists say that the science makes no sense, and that because it doesn't have an FDA approval, its a big fake. Then there are doctors (that I know personally) of all sorts of specialties that have given this stuff to their patients because they believe the product has solid scientific evidence. What was the patients results? The doctor I know said 100% of his clients have been helped. Who <b>…</b>

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